Greg Western (robothor) wrote in spellcheque,
Greg Western

Off the journal of someone I hate.. "Greg" is me, by the way.

i was super flirty tonight, i taught alex what a dirty mind really is...and was a good little girl, we got unanimus superior, so it was all good....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!! not my alex, tasty horn player alex...hahaha alex, wow too many alex's but yea, alex learned what i am really like, i didnt scare him to much, but i owe him for a bunch of 12982563736293875623957234 fries....*wink wink*...hehehehe movies will be fun next i need to stop being flirty...greg is mean, thats it good night

i fogged up alex's galsses....O:-)
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Are you mean to her because she writes like an idiot, or is she that charming in person?
How, pray tell, did you fog up "Alex's" glasses?

...oh wait, that wasn't you. It was her. Damn.