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Okay, this is kind of long, but I couldn't pass up sharing it. I found it in an 18-year-old girl's journal. I hope this person never reproduces... but odds of that not happening are very slim.

Okay well I don't really remember da last time I wrote, but since then crazy stuff has been goin' down.

Thursday I wanted Marcus to come over but he couldn't cuz Bob wasn't no where to be found. So he told me he'd call me back lata, so okay no big deal. Then round 7 my phone rings and this name and number pops up so I'm like it's prolly brighteye callin' for my moms, or possibly Talayne callin' for me!!!!!!! So I'm like hello and all I hear is What Chu Doin' Heffa???? And it's Marcus my heart just dropped!!!!! I'm like oh shit I'm busted. Because......

One day Marcus and Drew sent me and Nookie up to da store to go get some beers, so we do and when we come out we see Talayne just sittin' up in dis car so we walk over and were talkin' and I'm like do you remember my name? And he's like I know it starts with an A and Nookie's like AMBER! And he's like yea dat's it, well I forgot cha name but I didn't forget ur beautiful face and he grabs my hand. And I'm just like awww then his friend comes and gets in da car. So he's like man I wanna see you soon stop by sometime and I'm just like okay and then we just go our separate ways.

So yea when Marcus called from over there I was like shit I'm dead. But he ain't say nothin' bout it we talked for a lil bit. Then I was just like baby call me when u get home, so he was like aight boo boo. But man I was scared as hell because Marcus be trippin' when it come to other niggaz.

Okay so Friday Marcus came by and my mom is like man he's gonna just have to stay da nite because I'm not bringin' him back home tonite. So I'm just like yes!!!!! And she was like separate rooms doe, LOL and I'm like dammit! Cuz I told her how he stayed over here when she was gone otta town, and how he snores.

So we chill together till bout 1, and he's fallin' asleep because he was high and drunk (as usual) It was funny doe cuz I was layin' on him and he gone pull out his dick. So I'm just like um what's dat about and he's like nothin' he just needs air. So I take it out all da way and give him da Dum Da Dum Dum DUM!!!!!!! LOL (dat's what him and Drew say when they want some head Marcus be like baby u gone give me da Dum Da Dum Dum Dum!!!). So I do and just when he was bout to cum my moms was like Amb!!! LOL So I had to stop and see what she wanted. LOL he was so frusterated then I was like u want me to finish? And he's like it's gone take me a long time to cum now, and I'm like well I ain't gone keep doin' dat shit cuz it makes da inside of my mouth hurt from my teeth. So he's like dats okay boo boo will u get me somethin' to eat instead then? And I'm like yup so we eat and watch Cops, cuz ppl on der is funny.

Next day was coo' we went to da store and deez ppl was in der fightin' we watched a lil bit but when dey called da cops we scatted so we ain't get caught up in it cuz of his warrants. Then we went to da video store and he thru my purse out da window LOL I was so mad I had to go get it. Then we went to lil Ceasers to get two $5 pizzaz got him some cigarettes and went home, because mom needed her car to go to work.

So we chilled ate pizza watched fear factor and then watched Harlem nights. It was fun I love my baby. LOL then we got into this big fight I tore up so much shit and he was like fuck this I'm walkin' home LOL it's like a 10 minute drive from his house to mines. So I'm like fine and slamed da door den my mom and her friend see him walkin' so dey give him a ride and den we talk on da phone and he's like man I'mma give u some space because u be trippin'. So he's like for 2 days lets not talk and he hung up 10 minutes lata he calls back and is like what chu doin' heffa??? LOL so we was coo' again I hate when he does dat. Gets mad and 5 minutes lata he's coo' again well I like it but it's like why even bother to get mad???

Sunday we talked and I thought he was mad at me but he wasn't. He called me from somewhere and this old guy was talkin' to me bout Marcus. Marcus told da guy we've had sex 25 times LOL I was so embarrased.

Then I talked to Nookie, Shanae & Demetrius, and Charles. Moms found a hole in da door in da hallway dat I punched when I got pissed at Marcus. So she bitched me out bout dat one, and I'm just like whateva promise I wont hit nothin' else anymore. (Yea Right)

Then I called Jeramy to see was he gonna pay for da fuckin' late fee on dat game. Because my moms gonna want to rent some movies on Tuesday and she'll have a cow if she's gotta pay for dat late fee too. So he comes and gets me and we chill then I give him a hug and he starts caressin' my back and then we go over to this other parkin' lot and we have SEX!!!!!!!!!!!! Good old Jay. Jeramy's dick is longer then Marcus, but Marcus dick is bigger den Jeramy's Der both really good LOL I don't know??? Marcus called me back last nite but I was out with Jeramy, he assumed doe I was asleep so dats what my mom let him think.

I know what I did was wrong and I feel really really bad. Because I really care for my lil Chipmunk, but I don't doubt in our relationship dat he ain't neva did nothin' wrong especially when Domonique and Courtney be over. I don't know dat for sure but hey u can never be too trusting when it comes to guys, girls, weed and alcohol!

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