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GROSS! (x-posted)

I found this randomly on livejournal. It makes me sad because this girl is only seven months younger than me. I'm sick of stupid people- they need to keep their "virginaty" to themselves.

dear sean,

hell no i dont want u so stop makein or showing me i cant have you. ur a young 14 year old boy. u took my virginaty last october and i thank u for that. i still have ur bracelet if u want it bak ill give it back. im better then u and ur just jelous of it. im happy being with out u even tho i want u back as a friend nothin more. ur a pozer punk and need to get a life. ur scum. im going to be 20 years old in december and ur still a boy. a baby boy. sucks to be you

strongley dislike you, christina
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